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and so the saga continues...

hair toffee: one time, beckett, davy jones, and the-new-villain-from-POTC3 were all on the flying dutchman
MyDecrepitMonkey: omg!
hair toffee: beckett's legion of fangirls (meaning you and i) were abandoned on tortuga :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: (XD)
hair toffee: anywho, they were all playing that one game with the dice and stuff
hair toffee: and davy kept cheating :o and beckett just couldn't take it anymore!
hair toffee: so he threw the dice at him and it got stuck in poor little davy jr.
hair toffee: and then davy couldn't blow his match out, because god forbid he use his mouth :\ so the whole ship caught on fire!
hair toffee: and then mr. tweakers got a really big bucket of water and put it out XD
hair toffee: el fin!
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