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Tightest Pirates EVER!!! XD

MyDecrepitMonkey: *hugs*
hair toffee: :D
hair toffee: :O
hair toffee: *squeeze*
MyDecrepitMonkey: *asplode!*
MyDecrepitMonkey: X_x
hair toffee: :O
hair toffee: dana asplode :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: all your base are belong to me?
hair toffee: yes
hair toffee: except my jar of dirt
MyDecrepitMonkey: done deal
hair toffee: should we seal it in blood?
MyDecrepitMonkey: umm... ink?
hair toffee: *long tentacle finger* D:
MyDecrepitMonkey: ewie :\
hair toffee: and then it gets all stuck
hair toffee: he should have just used the claw
MyDecrepitMonkey: lolz
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD'
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: or the peg leg
MyDecrepitMonkey: he should've just taken Jack's hand in exchange
MyDecrepitMonkey: I'm takin' this *snip*snip*
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: it's worth 5% of a soul
MyDecrepitMonkey: :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: I dunno. That hand is pretty sexy.
MyDecrepitMonkey: And it's decked out in bling.
hair toffee: black spot or no?
MyDecrepitMonkey: I would say atleast 15%
MyDecrepitMonkey: black spot gives it character
MyDecrepitMonkey: and shows DJ owenership
MyDecrepitMonkey: ownership*
hair toffee: it comes now.. with a ravenous hunger.. blah blah blah black spot!
hair toffee: silly bootstrap :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: *emo*whine*
MyDecrepitMonkey: "Why he's the spittin' image of ol' bootstrap, come back to 'aunt us!"
hair toffee: the die has been cast! *cry!*
hair toffee: bootstrap's bootstraps!
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: the kraken should just eat bootstrap and the hammerhead shark guy both
MyDecrepitMonkey: It should eat Davey's whole crew, but mr. tweakers
MyDecrepitMonkey: and maybe just mr. tweakers' cousin's leg
hair toffee: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: 'cause then her'd have to get a peg leg and that'd make him cooler
MyDecrepitMonkey: he'd*
hair toffee: then him and davy would be peg leg buddies!
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: he needs an eye patch too
MyDecrepitMonkey: so he doesn't look too much like he's copying Davey Jones
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: he just needs a whole new crew
MyDecrepitMonkey: maybe he should sign on Cutler Beckett and his legion of fangirls (and Norrington too!). 'cause then he'd have a tight crew.
hair toffee: yes!
hair toffee: the most feared crew in the caribbean
MyDecrepitMonkey: just don't make us into crappily designed characters and we'd rock
hair toffee: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: Davey Jones, and Davey Jr. as his First Mate, Mr. Tweakers can be Second Mate.
hair toffee: XD!!!
hair toffee: we can be beckett's first mates :P
MyDecrepitMonkey: Norrington can be mah Cabin Boy :B
hair toffee: :D
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