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Girl, Interrupted

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And there was much rejoicing! (huzzah!)

hair toffee: so one day, beckett was in his office, poking around at davy's heart (that norrington so thoughtfully gave him, aww!)
hair toffee: and somehow, he managed to release the kraken :\
hair toffee: the kraken started attacking the flying dutchman (davy was sleeping, so he didn't know)
hair toffee: and it saw bootstrap bill sitting on the deck crying about nothing, like always
hair toffee: so he ate him
hair toffee: and the whole world (including beckett's legion of fangirls, and even will, who was glad that he didn't have to go through the trouble of stabbing davy's heart to release his father anymore) rejoiced that they didn't have to listen to bootstrap's whining!
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