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WWCBD? [10 Jan 2009|09:00pm]

The holy word from the holy scriptures:


K: i think we need to remake that whole movie


K: we will change EVERYTHING
and it will be awesome

D: Will and Elizabeth will live happily ever after with their bratty pirate children
Jack will be the new captain of the flying Dutchman
kraken lives
Bootstrap Bill dies
Norrington marries me

K: and we'll hire hans zimmer to make an amazing kraken song reprise

D: Cutler Beckett lives to become the first rock 'n' Roll star because Keith Richards is a fuckin' sell out


D: with 2 fangirls

K: cutler beckett becomes the chuck norris of pirates-land

D: Yes, that too

K: and he grows a beard

D: D;

K: ok
an invisible beard
with a fist behind it
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I can haz cuddles? [01 Jan 2009|09:29pm]


James Norrington
by *BabyLondonStar on deviantART
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We're baaack...! [01 Jan 2009|01:50pm]

[ mood | triumphant ]

In space, only Tom Hollander can hear you scream.

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[09 Aug 2007|11:49pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[05 Aug 2007|08:56pm]

And the Lord Cutler Beckett reigned down from the heavens and bestowed upon the world his glory...
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<3 [22 Aug 2006|09:29pm]

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The Flying Dutchman is now the Flying Irishman [01 Aug 2006|10:45am]

Dana = Beckett's right-hand man
Kelsie = Beckett's left-hand man
Norrington works under Dana :X
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Tightest Pirates EVER!!! XD [01 Aug 2006|12:23am]

[ mood | silly ]

MyDecrepitMonkey: *hugs*
hair toffee: :D
hair toffee: :O
hair toffee: *squeeze*
MyDecrepitMonkey: *asplode!*
MyDecrepitMonkey: X_x
hair toffee: :O
hair toffee: dana asplode :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: all your base are belong to me?
hair toffee: yes
hair toffee: except my jar of dirt
MyDecrepitMonkey: done deal
hair toffee: should we seal it in blood?
MyDecrepitMonkey: umm... ink?
hair toffee: *long tentacle finger* D:
MyDecrepitMonkey: ewie :\
hair toffee: and then it gets all stuck
hair toffee: he should have just used the claw
MyDecrepitMonkey: lolz
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD'
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: or the peg leg
MyDecrepitMonkey: he should've just taken Jack's hand in exchange
MyDecrepitMonkey: I'm takin' this *snip*snip*
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: it's worth 5% of a soul
MyDecrepitMonkey: :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: I dunno. That hand is pretty sexy.
MyDecrepitMonkey: And it's decked out in bling.
hair toffee: black spot or no?
MyDecrepitMonkey: I would say atleast 15%
MyDecrepitMonkey: black spot gives it character
MyDecrepitMonkey: and shows DJ owenership
MyDecrepitMonkey: ownership*
hair toffee: it comes now.. with a ravenous hunger.. blah blah blah black spot!
hair toffee: silly bootstrap :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: *emo*whine*
MyDecrepitMonkey: "Why he's the spittin' image of ol' bootstrap, come back to 'aunt us!"
hair toffee: the die has been cast! *cry!*
hair toffee: bootstrap's bootstraps!
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: the kraken should just eat bootstrap and the hammerhead shark guy both
MyDecrepitMonkey: It should eat Davey's whole crew, but mr. tweakers
MyDecrepitMonkey: and maybe just mr. tweakers' cousin's leg
hair toffee: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: 'cause then her'd have to get a peg leg and that'd make him cooler
MyDecrepitMonkey: he'd*
hair toffee: then him and davy would be peg leg buddies!
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: he needs an eye patch too
MyDecrepitMonkey: so he doesn't look too much like he's copying Davey Jones
hair toffee: XD
hair toffee: he just needs a whole new crew
MyDecrepitMonkey: maybe he should sign on Cutler Beckett and his legion of fangirls (and Norrington too!). 'cause then he'd have a tight crew.
hair toffee: yes!
hair toffee: the most feared crew in the caribbean
MyDecrepitMonkey: just don't make us into crappily designed characters and we'd rock
hair toffee: XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: Davey Jones, and Davey Jr. as his First Mate, Mr. Tweakers can be Second Mate.
hair toffee: XD!!!
hair toffee: we can be beckett's first mates :P
MyDecrepitMonkey: Norrington can be mah Cabin Boy :B
hair toffee: :D

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And there was much rejoicing! (huzzah!) [29 Jul 2006|08:03pm]

hair toffee: so one day, beckett was in his office, poking around at davy's heart (that norrington so thoughtfully gave him, aww!)
hair toffee: and somehow, he managed to release the kraken :\
hair toffee: the kraken started attacking the flying dutchman (davy was sleeping, so he didn't know)
hair toffee: and it saw bootstrap bill sitting on the deck crying about nothing, like always
hair toffee: so he ate him
hair toffee: and the whole world (including beckett's legion of fangirls, and even will, who was glad that he didn't have to go through the trouble of stabbing davy's heart to release his father anymore) rejoiced that they didn't have to listen to bootstrap's whining!
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more beckett love! [28 Jul 2006|09:36pm]
this way!Collapse )
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and so the saga continues... [28 Jul 2006|09:25pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

hair toffee: one time, beckett, davy jones, and the-new-villain-from-POTC3 were all on the flying dutchman
MyDecrepitMonkey: omg!
hair toffee: beckett's legion of fangirls (meaning you and i) were abandoned on tortuga :\
MyDecrepitMonkey: (XD)
hair toffee: anywho, they were all playing that one game with the dice and stuff
hair toffee: and davy kept cheating :o and beckett just couldn't take it anymore!
hair toffee: so he threw the dice at him and it got stuck in poor little davy jr.
hair toffee: and then davy couldn't blow his match out, because god forbid he use his mouth :\ so the whole ship caught on fire!
hair toffee: and then mr. tweakers got a really big bucket of water and put it out XD
hair toffee: el fin!

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And thus begins the SecretBeckett Saga! [26 Jul 2006|06:49pm]

MyDecrepitMonkey: tell me a story about the secretbeckett
hair toffee: :O
MyDecrepitMonkey: :O
hair toffee: we took over the world XD
MyDecrepitMonkey: lol
hair toffee: beckett is the new jesus
MyDecrepitMonkey: XD
hair toffee: or else!
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